36 year old woman dating 24 year old man

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The problem is, you think that person has to be older than you. Just as chronological age doesn’t always “cure” one of immaturity, a man can be all of these things and still be 24, 28, 30 (depending on what you consider young). You’ve told yourself you don’t really want a younger man. Regardless of how sexually permissive and progressive we think we are, there’s still a bit of eyebrow raising when a woman dates younger. And when I tell people that (if they ask or if it comes up), I either get a lilting “Reaalllly” or a “You go girl!

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Here are the reasons you wave off the idea of dating young: (aimless, noncommittal, out just for sex). But it didn’t seem to fit my reasons for dating younger, nor is it an accurate or flattering explanation of why younger men are worth dating.

What is it like to date a 36-<b><b>year</b></b>-<b><b>old</b></b> female as a 24-<b><b>year</b></b>-<b><b>old</b></b> male.

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You’re wrong to think he couldn’t be turned on by you.

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My current boyfriend is nine years younger than me; the boyfriend before that, 10 years younger.What is it like to date a 36-year-old female as a 24-year-old male.

36 year old woman dating 24 year old man:

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