Am i being blown off dating

Two Guys I've Dated Have Blown Me Off And Then Thanked Me For.

He could be in a long distance relationship that is falling apart fast and could be looking for an out – I am not saying that is rht or good, but it’s a possible scenario.

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I fure you would have mentioned it if he made any promises to you, such as being an exclusive couple or something like that.

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Excuses & Lies Guys Will Give When Blowing Off A Date

Beyond that, it comes across as needy and insecure. But that doesn’t mean you are in the rht to confront him about anything he is doing in his life.

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With that said, the way you describe it sounds fishy. I hate to say it, but whenever a girl accused me of being with another girl when I wasn’t available I knew it was time to cut-off my contact with that girl.Online Dating Blow Off - Why Doesn't He Respond - Video

Am i being blown off dating:

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