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The resulting concoction, made of election dynamics, confederate flags, Black Lives Matter, football, diversity, gender norms, voyeurism, narcissism, hedonism, nihilism, cruelty, manipulation, and mental illness is like a juice fast created by a demon: It looks great, tastes better, and tears you apart from the inside, leaving you gutted—which is a brutal kind of cleansed. Rachel is an uncanny empath who simultaneously despises manipulating reality TV contestants and lives for it. problem, one inspired by Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

B. J. Britt Gets 'UnReal' For Season 2 On Lifetime Deadline

Rachel wants to work on a progressive show, but she spends her days mastering hot take hot potato. In one scene, Rachel plays Cyrano de Bergerac to Madison (Genevieve Buechner), a meek, newbie producer trying to get a promo line from Chantal (Meagan Tandy), a female contestant whose fiancé recently died in a car accident.

B. J. <strong>Britt</strong> Gets 'UnReal' For Season 2 On Lifetime Deadline

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They are Chet (Cra Bierko) and Quinn (Constance Zimmer), two of the supporting players on Lifetime’s brilliant and bitter uses its seemingly frivolous setting to stage one of the darkest, most incisive shows on television.

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Rachel, who we first laid eyes on in Season 1 wearing a “This is what a feminist looks like” T-shirt, loves that casting a black suitor alns with her politics: Darius represents step forward in the politics of representation. “He’s not black, he’s football black,” she assures the head of the network, before giving him a hard sell so cynical one wonders if it won’t convince . There are no slippery slopes, only avalanches and cliff faces.B. J. Britt on Being UnREAL's Newest Bachelor – TV Insider

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