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We should support Andrew and be happy he found love with a nice woman that takes care of him, not whine that he should be with Asy. His character is OTP with Asy’s character in a fictional world, and they WILL be together () Just think of Mindy Kaling and her show The Mindy Project.

WE'RE GETTING MARRIED! - Asey Perez and Andrew Ilnyckyj.

Take your time to mourn your fantasy and come out even happier to know that they put this much effort to make it believable (also kudos for the acting ss, rht?

Are They Actually <strong>Dating</strong>? - <strong>BuzzFeed</strong>

Are They Actually Dating? - BuzzFeed

Fandom club 101: Don’t ship the actors, unless they really are a couple (and don’t attack the partners or invade their privacy).

Too tall, too fat, and too dark' One

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Buzzfeed andrew and ashley dating:

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