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The man is introduced to the women in a series of up to three videos, interspersed with onstage conversations mediated by the host.

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Mr Mc Mahon said the experience made him realise that Chinese was going to play a large part in his life."In Chinese there is an idiom that goes along the line of, 'from a tragedy comes something great'," he said."I really want to dedicate my life to forging better cultural communication and understanding between China, Australia and the rest of the world."Mr Mc Mahon said he had been following If You Are The One since the show began five years ago."I've always wanted to go on this show but it's never seemed to be the rht time," he said.

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If You Are The One is based on the format of Australian show Taken Out, which aired on the Ten Network in the late noughties.

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The show is a cultural phenomenon in China, where each episode is watched by up to 50 million people.Inventing traditions television dating shows in the People's Republic.

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