Dating a radical feminist

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It’s silly to think that we all fit into these archetypal roles and, chances are, I wouldn’t have had a happy ending with either of these men, but this wasn’t the first time I realised that some choices were easier for me than others.

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This easy route would have also brought me stability, commitment and a family.

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It's Not Feminism That's Ruining Romance A Fresh Spin on Dating.

There’s something so compelling about being in public and people remarking on what a cute couple you are!

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When I became ‘woke’ (my favourite way of describing the realisation that we live in a patriarchal society), I could (and still can) feel the tug of what society wanted from me rivalling what I actually wanted. I Thought I Was A Feminist Until I Started Dating A Men's Rhts.

Dating a radical feminist:

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