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For your part: You mht find it helpful to take a look at the website for Al-anon.

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That nht we get to his house and he tells me he drank over what he feels comfortable with and never wants to do that again. and thats when I get the full blown story of him being a recovering alcoholic. If you see tremendous potential in the relationship (as it seems you do), give it a few months.

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He felt extremely guilty for that nht at dinner.. and I have never been in this situation or even know how to deal with this. Al-Anon is an organization for partners of recovering alcoholics. If your boyfriend does get into therapy, you mht ask to be included now and then to talk about how you can support his recovery and what changes he is willing to make to deserve your trust. It’s too early to decide whether he is the one for you.

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I take him to a dinner party.just us and another couple. Dating a Recovering Alcoholic - Tips and Advice Futurescopes

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