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Sonographer saw the heartbeat apparently and all looks ok for now but she said i must of ovulated later than i thought maybe becoz my period was 7 days late that month .... i will only be 8 weeks 5 days pregnant on the day of the scan , do you think they forgot to rearrange the scan according to my new edd and still regarding me to be 10 weeks instead of 8 weeks 5 days ? and my midwife said 12 weeks at our local hosp so yes will give them a to thanks again !

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I have literally seen my doctor then had the scan, so waiting for all these appointments to come through.

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Dating scan. 8 weeks, 2 days. The chicken nugget.

All a bit delayed, partner thought we would be expecting a baby in June.... Sitting here at work and just realising I have a little baby inside that is nearly 3 months...

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But i had an early scan last week becoz of a scare regarding spotting of red blood ! i live in the u.k by the way :) and on the letter it says between 10-12 weeks ...Scan dates make no sense. - Pregnancy -

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