Does persistence pay off dating

In what situations does perseverance pay off with love? - Quora

Speaking for myself, I don't think it works that way--at least not for me.

Under what circumstances can chasing a girl/guy pay off? - Quora

But there's a fine line between being persistent and just being pushy.

In what situations <b>does</b> perseverance <b>pay</b> off with love? - Quora

Does Persistence Pay Off? Free Dating, Singles

The rest of us mht look at him and think "dude, take a hint and move on." So my question for the women is do you like and expect a man to make several attempts or would you prefer he move on after you've rejected him once and would you think less of him for not doing so?

Reasons Persistence Pays Off For Single Men

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Does persistence pay off dating:

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