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The new-found freedom of the Baltic States was cut short in brutal fashion by the Second World War: Stalin invaded in 1940, Hitler took over in 1941 and Stalin returned in 1944.

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Tourism is b business for the Balts, and most are pretty forgiving about the odd bit of Western norance or naivety.

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The Jewish communities of Ra and Vilnius were all but wiped out, and the three fledgling democracies were instantly extinguished. Latvians and Lithuanians, who are descended from old Baltic tribes, speak ancient Indo-European languages ­ Lithuanian is said to be the closest living language to Sanskrit.

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Since giving Communism the boot, this energetic trio have seen their economic fortunes soar, with all three countries set fair for admission to the European Union in the next few years. Wedged between the Russia and the Baltic Sea, with Russia's annexe ­ Kaliningrad ­ acting as a bookend for Lithuania. Running from Estonia in the north to Lithuania in the south, these flat, thickly forested lands are unspoilt, rural and sparsely populated, but all three have buzzing, historic capitals, folkloric traditions that have survived centuries of foren oppression, and customs and cuisines shaped by a peculiar mix of German, Russian and, in Lithuania, Polish influence.Home - ZIKR

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