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However, why reinvent the wheel when someone has already invented it?

Geo-Dating OKCupid Adds Location to Mobile App

I will also support Mongo DB on the basis of requirements with the development of Mongo DB compass you can also visualize your geospatial data.

I Tried It Happn, The Only <em>Geo</em>-Location <em>Based</em> <em>Dating</em> App Best Health.

I Tried It Happn, The Only Geo-Location Based Dating App

Either you have to scan through your nearby result and lookup meta information to filter, or maintain separate sets for every combination of filter you may need. The second requires you to mange the indexes yourself. Think of your search as a replica of your master source, and you can always mrate to another solution, or re-shard/scale if you need to in the future.

Case Study – Geo Location Based Social Dating App

In this case, user:1 has age 30 ZADD age 30 "1" // Retrieve users in New York age from 20 to 40 ZINTERSTORE tmpkey 2 location: New York age AGGREGATE MAX ZRANGEBYSCORE tmpkey 20 40 Most no SQL Geo/proximity index features rely on the Geo Hash Algorithm It's a good thing to understand how it works, and it's really quite fascinating.Algorithm - Location based horizontal scalable

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