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Ernesto Guevara set about applying all he had learned to change the world, moving increasingly into the political sphere, where he sought to radiy change the priorities of the establishment. An American actress, writer and comedian, the next of our celebrities is perhaps best known for her role as Phoebe in the incredibly successful sitcom, (2010), you’d be forgiven for typecasting Lisa Kudrow as a hilarious queen of the b and small screen, as she is known by many.

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After joining an improv theatre , Kudrow soon became friends with Conan O’Brien, and her career took off from there.

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After it became clear that the humid climate of the family’s tea plantation was no good for their young son’s health, Guevara’s family moved to drier climes, and Ernesto enrolled in school a year later than most children.

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Born to a liberal family in 1920s Argentina, the young Guevara excelled at many sports but suffered from chronic asthma, which would continue to resurface throughout his life.Why aren't there more Asian stars in Hollywood? - USA Today

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