How do i hook up my turtle beach headset

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Though it can be chat only, the idea is that this headset carries both hh quality chat audio and game audio. While it is a stereo set, it's been desned with the demands of tournament FPS players in mind, and really makes the most of a stereo sound field.

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As a fairly recent headset, it has a lot of features that easily beat the pack-in options for both the PS4 and Xbox One. The headset's 50mm drivers can deliver an auditory experience that will crush a passive model, and there is a reason for that.

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Memory cards, wireless controllers, batteries, HDMI, fht sticks, steering wheels, lht guns- some things have changed and some things have stayed the same.

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Both the PS4 and Xbox One can deliver chat and game audio to a passive headset plugged into player's controller, but there are some drawbacks.How To Connect Your Turtle Beach Stereo Headset to Xbox 360.

How do i hook up my turtle beach headset:

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