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This is very, very OOC, and I know Spain is's just because he's younger and more...say, rowdier than the real Spain.

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It was Alfred Frederick Jones and his girlfriend Alice Kirkland again. Bella was my best friend, based on mutual hate of Ludw Beilschmidt, Feli's boyfriend. I picked up two pint sized jugs from the bar and filled them to the brim with Heineken and threw them down the bar. I placed my hand on his shoulders, knee pressing between his legs."My name is Lovina Romana Vargas..I hope you had good service." I said, increasing the pressure of my knee. The next day, when I went to school, I saw her again. Petite and delicate frame and a calm and sweet disposition.

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" I asked."Your friend, Bella, I want to ask her out.

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A/N: Something I came up with while in a cafe in Paris. Bella Switzerly is my OC, and she doesn't represent any country. Hetalia

Table dating hetalia:

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