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Who is Asey Olsen Dating? Relationships Boyfriend.

Asey has also been linked to Hangover actor Justin Bartha. (Bartha, 35, wed Lia Smith in January 2014, and she's now expecting their first child.)They are both so creepy looking, I don't get their appeal.

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Asey Olsen and twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen--once known as the Olsen twins--are both dating much older men.

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Asey Olsen Dating David Schulte, CEO Of Oliver Peoples.

I don't see them as anything but two odd looking little poseurs. In interviews they sound as if they are too weak to utter a full sentence.

Asey Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen Both Date Older Men

These two trolls look like two anemic ghouls: the sullen always pouty expressions, their entire schtick is so calculated. Are they seriously considered viable fashion desners? I'd like to know what behind-the-scenes Svengali turned two cute child stars into these vampirish never smiling creeps.Mary-Kate Olsen

Who is ashley olsen dating now:

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