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Consider dating a friend’s sister only if you have your bags packed and can fly off to some unknown destination, in case things go wrong!

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It’s said that good guys don’t date their friend’s sister. However, if you can’t resist her charm and would like to know her better, you need to first think hard.

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However, don’t think that you can escape from your “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” stunt! If you think that you can get away with dating a friend’s sister, or if you think dating a friend’s sister is no b issue, please think about your own sister. If you just want to be friends with her, that’s alrht.

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He’s likely to get annoyed with you either for dating his sister or hiding the fact from him- worst case scenario- maybe even for both the reasons.• Will you bump into her every now and then, in case your relationship doesn’t work? You both may feel awkward running into each other at every social gathering or hangout. It’s better to go out on a one nht stand than date her. You will lose your best friend and your reputation. Even if you approved, would you be happy with your friend hiding this relationship from you? There’s a difference between being friends with someone and dating them.Is dating your best friend's sister wrong? - Quora

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