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College Hook Up

A personal favorite of mine to this day, the college nerd is just outgrowing his teenage fear of women and attempting to grow into his own sex appeal (outside of smokin' hot online RPG games). He will probably do things like read Reddit advice on how to sex you up. But what the hell — we've all got to watch some guy smoke his hand-rolled carettes indoors and brag about the time he partied with Julian Casablancas sometime.

Too young for Tinder, LGBTQI youth find

He came from some super-exclusive boarding school, inexplicably has 10,000 followers on Twitter, and was listening to bands like Daft Punk and The National in utero.

<em>Tumblr</em> - My slutty gay sex <em>hookup</em> diary

Getting Plowed.

Glörg, the tiny yet improbably sexy Swedish exchange student in your Intro to Anthropology class, may not be a realistic option as your date to future family Thanksgivings, but there's no better time to go to town on that little heavily-accented Ikea motherfucker. Just make sure he bathes occasionally, and don't borrow his dumb Che Guevara T-shirt. It's fun to have a familiar face to make the sex with!

Tumblr - My slutty gay sex hookup diary

I was a total hermit in the freshman dorms and never really left my room.University Quiz - What College Is Rht

College hookup tumblr:

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