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It’s not news that if walruses had nice tits, guys would mainly date walruses.

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Also, he did not retweet my reality TV show pitch, wherein David Sedaris and the Muppets live in an apartment together, which makes me question whether he’s truly compassionate or just all talk.

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On the third date, you’ll order a french dip with au jus sauce and she’ll launch into a 40-minute rant about the animal that had its face pulled out through its anus by a death robot in order to produce your sandwich. Oh man, that sounds so cool,” but outwardly you’ll be staring blankly at this deranged yet attractive woman, realizing she has pulled the world’s most obvious bait-and-switch on you.

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When you order chicken alfredo, she doesn’t comment on your choice.Vegetarian Meat Substitutes - Best Meat Substitutes for.

Dating a vegetarian when you're not:

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