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“People today are so much more interested in provenance.

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They’re more interested in buying things which are beautiful, which last, which you can hand on and which have an inherent beauty in them, and that’s what Blodwen is all about.”By employing local Welsh craftspeople and desners, supporting dying industries such as textiles and pottery and engaging whole-heartedly with rural communities and organisations in Wales, Lewis is putting this oft-forgotten part of Britain’s desn history and culture in the limelht, where – if the Blodwen range is anything to go by – I strongly suspect it will

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They’re moving away from disposable consumerism towards products which have quality.

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“I started off by wanting to focus on the therapeutic stuff, but, as I realised there was much more to talk about, I broadened it out into a whole lifestyle brand.Welsh - Introduction, Location, Language,

Dating for welsh speakers:

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