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(restaurant) in Amritsar that I finally got my hands on an alphabet chart, in what was the last place I'd have looked: on the back of the menu.

What is the Hindi word for love

Start with hearing and learning how to say 'Good Morning!

Date - Meaning in <strong>Hindi</strong> - date in <strong>Hindi</strong> - Shabdkosh शब्दकोश.

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A sound is made nasal by pronouncing the sound with the breath passing through the nose and constricting the throat slhtly (as in honk and bon vogage).

Are there words in Hindi for 'girlfriend', 'boyfriend', and 'dating'? If so.

I thought to save you the trouble of searching for a chart yourself by providing a copy of one here.BhashaIndia Hindiwords What is in a word?

Dating word in hindi:

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