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This trip marked the beginning of Petrie’s four decades of exploration in Egypt.

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Petrie’s parents met at a meeting of the Mutual Information Society, an organization founded by Petrie’s mother Anne to promote scholarship and discussion of scientific and historical topics (Drower 1985, 8).

<i>Dating</i> ques facts, information, pictures.

Dating ques facts, information, pictures.

In this article I trace the route of the Petrie Gift from Egypt to Michan, a path shaped in some part by the nature of the funding of archaeological work in Egypt in the early twentieth century and in large part by the personal connections between Sir Flinders Petrie and the dynamic Michan Professor of Classics Francis W. I will then provide a survey of the material that comprises the Petrie Gift, focusing on such artifacts as an Ehteenth Dynasty necklace from Gurob (f.

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His father, William Petrie, was an engineer and inventor of measuring equipment (Drower 1985, 9; Wortham 1971, 114), and his maternal grandfather, Captain Matthew Flinders, was “a famous explorer who circumnavated Australia and surveyed many of the islands in the region” (Trope, Quirke, and Lacovara 2005, xiii ).The various dating ques available to archaeologists

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