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During his years in Egypt, from 1880 to 1923—interrupted by a 1890 season in Palestine, during which he recorded the first archaeological stratraphic section, and again by World War I (Trope, Quirke, and Lacovara 2005, xvii )—Petrie worked at sites that are among the best known in Egyptology.

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His father, William Petrie, was an engineer and inventor of measuring equipment (Drower 1985, 9; Wortham 1971, 114), and his maternal grandfather, Captain Matthew Flinders, was “a famous explorer who circumnavated Australia and surveyed many of the islands in the region” (Trope, Quirke, and Lacovara 2005, xiii ).

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In 1877, he published a treatise titled based on the surveying and measuring he undertook with his father at Stonehenge (Bratton 1967, 81).

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Petrie’s parents met at a meeting of the Mutual Information Society, an organization founded by Petrie’s mother Anne to promote scholarship and discussion of scientific and historical topics (Drower 1985, 8).Seriation archaeology - pedia

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