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22-- Blue Screen Shut down the blue screen monitor in the computer room of classroom building on the first floor. 24-- Time Capsule thing There are meters which you will know that you are near the keys.

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You should choose whether to talk to Ethan/Coe or Flirts/Alphas. You will meet him/her near the dead tree and show you the secret labyrinth. When he drops you out of the car, move all the way to the left following the pavement opposite of the school and not the pavement that leads to the entrance. Or while waiting for your prom date in the streets at the start of the chapter starry nht. 16-- Hh School Ghost In the last chapter when you before you meet your love in the school terrace, go to the one of the three classroom in the first floor. Lick the number pad and you will win the dance competition.

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You may find it at the second floor of classrooom building in the Bio/Chemistry Lab. 9-- To be Most Popular in Schhol You should meet everybody in the list: Carter, Coe, Emma, Ethan, Skye, Kaitlin, Lena/Ben, Principal, Roman, Sheena, Sid, Ty. 11-- Top Geek By beating Andrew's score on the arcade machine.

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12-- Hh School MVP Score 30 points with 15 shots or more in basketball in gym. 15-- Punks Domain Punks domain is outside the college gate in the streets. Then you are in the another new toilet and there you are. 18-- Robot Party The robot party in in the secret room in the library.Home Yahoo Answers

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