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6-- The Dirtbag Award You can only achieve it when you have access of the door at top rht corner of the second floor.

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13-- Kierkegaard's Path of Pain To get to this place, it is tricky. Additional, it is after the valentines day chapter. You can go there when your dad leaves you a bit further from the school's entrance. You will have access to enter the room when you got Level 14 or you will never find them. 19-- Metaphysics There are limits of the game which you can go to the rht side of campus, near the trees and bushes. 20-- Dancing Competition Just do as the keypad in screen shows.

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Then you will find your nehbour, named Jack at the back of his house. Then go back to the locked room, get the math paper then give it to Sid/Sheena.

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10-- Lhtspeed By beating Max's time of running in the whole campus. He is standing in the top left corner, in the cafetaria with the yellow icon on his head.Best Sites to Get Laid - The Hookup Guide

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