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I downloaded the game and install it to my Nokia 5730. It was like I am experiencing the life in hh school. And yes, I played it for third times and I got Level 18! For addition, if you want to be familiar with the hh school, you should play it many times. The 12 Chapters in Hh School Hook Ups are: [1] First Day, [2] Makeover, [3] Boo! ) And here, I present to you some cheats that you can use to help you in this game. 7-- Checkmate You can join the Chess Club after you got the Level 10 and above. To answer the Task One (Six Queens Puzzle), refer this image from 8-- Hairy Legs To get this achievement, you should meet Sid/Sheena at the tree in front of the archway.

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6-- The Dirtbag Award You can only achieve it when you have access of the door at top rht corner of the second floor.

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There you will find your previous character when he/she was a nerd. 17-- Toilet Dimension The toilet dimension is in the main building. 21-- Jack's Backyard It is when you are having party in your house.

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12-- Hh School MVP Score 30 points with 15 shots or more in basketball in gym. 15-- Punks Domain Punks domain is outside the college gate in the streets. Then you are in the another new toilet and there you are. 18-- Robot Party The robot party in in the secret room in the library.Home Yahoo Answers

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