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If everything is alrht, you can safely add the refrerant into the mix by connecting it to the center port of the manifold gauges.

A Quick Guide on How to Use a Vacuum Pump on an Air.

However, you must leave the gauges connected for another thirty minutes, after which you should take the time to check if the vacuum is still there; if not, you are facing a leak.

A Quick Guide on How to Use a <strong>Vacuum</strong> <strong>Pump</strong> on an Air.

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You will first need to lower the pressure port on the system which is done by hooking up a thing ed the refrerant gauge manifold.

How to Hook Up the Vacuum on My Intex Easy Set Pool eHow

In any case, if you look at your gauge set there should be a place for the vacuum pump connector rht in the middle of it.How do you connect a pool vacuum to a filter?

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