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There's a key difference in how men and women use Tinder.

Specifiy, Tinder may be causing what researchers “a feedback loop,” in which men use less strict criteria for finding a mate by serially swiping, and women use more discerning criteria in response to the deluge of matches.

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Matches are made using sparse criteria: Looks, availability and location.

Top Dating Apps in Hong Kong - The <strong>Loop</strong> HK

Men on Tinder Explain Why They Swipe Rht on Literally Everyone.

My preliminary results suggest Tinder users do, in fact, have different outcomes than those who either use online dating websites or don’t use any dating technologies at all.

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Because people can gauge someone’s attractiveness after just a one-second glance, Tinder users often churn through profiles at astounding speeds.Top Dating Apps in Hong Kong - The Loop HK

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