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That feature was for spoofing the PC's MAC so the ISP wouldn't know you were using a router. the ISP said they could see i had everything hooked up but i couldn't get anywhere on the internet.. One earlier comments about a router to handle the speed, a router with least G or N should be fast enough if wireless devices just doing internet browsing and no file transfers.

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So if that's what you have you can expect degraded Wi Fi performance but it will still work.

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Just get a router that has "N" speed, turn everything off, then turn on modem first, wait for all lhts to come on, then turn router on and wait for all lhts on that to come on, then turn computer on and surf!!

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I was hoping to just log into the modem find the router and set it up.. buy a router, they are plug and play devices and with a little patience they are VERY easy.How Do I Set Up Charter Internet?

How does charter hook up internet:

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