Hydro hook up cost

Who here knows about hooking up to utilities when building a home.

I am in the process of gutting the camp and will have the electricity hooked back up.

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A NB Power rep will also go see before hand to measure, to set markers and to look if trees need to be cut, accessibility with boom truck etc... We just want a place to go and relax in front of a hot wood stove. This was my experience, not sure if all the facts are straht but gives you an idea. I'd say Forkstream gave you some good information and it matches what I know about getting power hooked up.

Who here knows about <b>hooking</b> up to utilities when building a home.

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I am wondering if anyone on here can give me some insht as to what it costs to have power brought to the lots.

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Thanks NBHUNTER I recently purchased a lot with an old camp on it.FPM Marketing & Desn How much does it cost to connect hydro in.

Hydro hook up cost:

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