Real world portland nia and jordan hook up

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A relative elder this season, 24-year-old Joi, seems a little beyond the drama at first, but then again, her nipples are pierced with diamonds and she's posed in , so her reservations are relatively few.

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In the past the cast often included the backwards-thinking or the innocent to try and stir up confrontation.

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's cast includes one member who actually seems to have a job -- Averey works at Hooters.

Meet Marlon Williams a.k.a. Jay Dillinger, “The Real World Portland.

Nia seems out to make a name for herself by being as crazy, violent and manipulative as possible (that violence mht not stand though -- producers have kicked cast mates out and into anger management classes in the past). The series no longer seems able to find the rht balance between boring and crazy, though some loyal viewers and the network's core demographic will always tune in.Cast - The Challenge Battle of the Exes 2

Real world portland nia and jordan hook up:

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