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“The amount of talent sitting on the couch watching Ellen De Generes is astounding,” Machado said, adding that the older generation is “an asset waiting to be tapped.” Miami was a natural site for experimentation.

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Machado put a committee together, drawing from a variety of retired and pre-retired United Way volunteers, to encourage older adults to continue contributing — and not just with money.

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Movie nht for retirees proves that speed dating at 90 is real Miami.

The county is home to the largest number of older adults in Florida, according to the United Way, with more than 500,000 people over the age of 60.

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In addition, United Way of Miami-Dade invests more than $1 million every year to partner in programs that offer everything from home-based services to congregate meals to case management.Deciding on the Consecrated Life, With the Help of Speed Dating.

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