The guy i'm dating is hot and cold

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For a man to blow hot and cold, to me, it seems as though he is off and on like a lht switch.

How to tell if he's just not that into you - eHarmony Dating Advice Site

If this repeated behavior doesn’t have any consequences or different outcomes, there will be no reason for change.

Men Who Blow <em>Hot</em> <em>and</em> <em>Cold</em> - What to do with Them - Katarina Phang

Hot and cold? How to tell if he has REAL feelings for you.

The woman who is interested in a man she cannot rely on actually says something about her as well. Questions such a woman can ask herself could be:- Am I afraid of being alone? - If I leave, what will the next relationship be like? - What’s wrong with me that I would continue putting up with this?

Men Who Blow Hot and Cold - What to do with Them - Katarina Phang

There must be some stability in at least one person in the relationship for it to have some grounding.What To Do When He Blows Hot and Cold - How To Win a Man's Heart

The guy i'm dating is hot and cold:

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