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It’s a good excuse because it’s hard to argue with when you’re the one it’s being said to. But don’t convince yourself you can change their mind and make them want something more, because it’s very likely you’ll end up hurt.

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This isn’t something said lhtly, so it’s almost certainly meant. As it’s said by the person doing the dumping it mht be hard for you to believe that it’s true, but it sort of is.

Compatibility and Chemistry in Relationships Mark Manson

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When you hear this phrase, the opposite is happening here. e Harmony founder, Dr Neil Clark Warren often says that the best way to make yourself attractive to dates is to show that you have a great life just being you. They’ve probably had a perfectly nice time, but that won’t have them reaching for the phone any time soon.

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However you read it, it’s definitely nicer than a breakdown of all your faults. “I’m just too busy at work to think about a relationship” No one is ever too busy for a relationship. I just want to have fun.” Probably doesn’t take a genius to work this one out.Compatibility and Chemistry in Relationships Mark Manson

They are dating meaning:

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