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" you get at work should make your heart sing, or at least give you some kind of affectionate vagina-twinge.2. Because when you're honest with yourself you felt like staying in tonht and eating Wheat Thins with your cat. You're willing to bail on dates if you're tired or even don't feel like it.

Are You Dating a Guy Who's Still Living with His Parents Spike.

You consistently suggest movie dates so that you don't have to make conversation.

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He tells you he's going away for the week and you get excited. Not necessarily consciously, in a mirror, but definitely tallying up some reasons to end it.14.

Stop Saying You're 'Talking' To Him, You Guys Are F*cking Dating

(As opposed to doing the two-hour-long beautification routine before a date with someone you like a lot.)8. You also don't bother telling him that your clitoris is basiy three states away from where he thinks it is.10.Are you guys dating? Christina Applegate and Drew Barrymore.

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