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There are dozens and dozens of photos of this beautiful man on the internet, to the delht of his large fan base. But thanks to you all, we have received several reports of profiles on dating sites with photos of Juan Soler.

The Most Common Schemes for Targeting the Unknowing Money.

Scammers often use the same “tricks” in romance scams: A handsome man, widowed or who have been brutally dumped by his wife, raising children alone, entrepreneur … Then a pseudo tragedy happens and you are the only person who can help him, he needs money!

The Most Common Schemes for Targeting the Unknowing Money.

Help, Dr. Phil! We're Worried Our 18-Year-Old Teen Is Being.

But for scammers who wish trap internet victims, it is ideal: A handsome man with many photos available on the web. Some of you have recognized him and deduced the scam in progress.

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He was born in San Muel de Tucumán, Argentina in January 19, 1966.Dating Love Romance Scams Internet Crime Fhters Organization

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