Case fan hookup

Color Codes for a 3-Wire Computer Fan

Just go to the motherboard setup and look for an option to enable this feature (“CPU Smart FAN Control” and setting mode to “Auto” in Fure 4).

Wires from fan on side panel - where do they connect? - Super User

Did you know that you can modify any fan located inside your PC – CPU fan, VGA fan, north bridge fan, case fan, etc.

How do I connect the cables on the <strong>fan</strong> controller on Fractal Desn.

Fan - Search for Fan.

Notice that the counting is done with the key present on the connector facing up.

How do I connect the cables on the fan controller on Fractal Desn.

Fure 4: Motherboard setup If your fan has four wires, you don’t need to do what we will teach in this tutorial, as your fan already has a speed control circuit.SilverStone Primera PM01 ATX Case Review The Tech Buyer's Guru

Case fan hookup:

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