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What he told me was this: “If you meet someone and you marry them, and then you have children and raise a family; and if after 20 years together, it all comes apart; you’ll still have your children and 20 years of memories. If I never find you and we never see one another ever again, you were probably the most important person in my life. Living with even a single regret will weh on you for the rest of your life. Having the smiles, laughter, tears and memories of the true love you passed on enter your mind each day isn’t worth as much as making the commitment to share them with her forever.

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Finally, if you’re reading this, it comes sixteen years too late and I’m sad for that.

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Worse than that, the reality is that nobody wants the single 40 year old bachelor hanging around their wives. When you’re a young, brash, strapping and handsome man with bedroom ss, you don’t think about the future, you think about conquest. Today, I’m writing a letter to someone that I probably should have spent my life with but I screwed it up so profoundly that I’ll never be able to forget what a fool I was.

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Maybe I wasn’t ready or, maybe I couldn’t believe that a woman so perfect could love such an imperfect beast such as myself. I can’t believe that we never went a single day without saying I love you and I can’t believe that we never went a single day without holding hands or touching one another. I didn’t know, and at the time I didn’t want to know.How to Tell if He Has Commitment Issues - Cosmopolitan

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