Dating a felon

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The 33-year-old rocked a pair of snug-fitting combat trousers, worn just below the waist to show off the top band of his black boxers.

Coe Green confirms romance with 'hot felon' Jeremy Meeks

A lht layer of stubble hhted his chiseled cheekbones as he mingled among the crowds.

Coe Green confirms romance with 'hot <b>felon</b>' Jeremy Meeks

Hot felon' Jeremy Meeks shows off his

He teamed a smart jacket with tailored trousers, allowing a hint of his boxers to show at the top, before adding a pair of black brogues to finish.

Senator turned felon doesn't deserve

On Sunday nht, Jeremy rubbed shoulders with the likes of Kate Moss and Bella Hadid while attending the star-studded Fashion For Relief gala.Jeremy Meeks Why Coe Greene’s Billionaire Dad. - Hollywood.

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