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The faded finish underscores the sense of holding a veteran axe.

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Hope this helps, kcbuck Hello KC and thanks for your swift reply I have 2 other epi les pauls from 2002 and they both have an U02 prefix dating them to 2002.reason why this one is 20 instead of 02 on the first two numbers? The other 2 are les paul standards instead of the Custom series.explanation would be helpful since I find it hard to conceive there are two different numbering series for that decade...thanks John Jouett Blue Book's description on decoding the serial number indicates that this could possibly be a 1992 or a 2002 and that if it has a 7 dit serial number it was most likely made in the 1990's and that an 8 dit serial number it was most likely made in the 2000's."Most likely" are the key words, so it could possibly be a 1992 at best, in lieu of the 2002 I stated earlier.

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The Mahogany slim taper neck is a nod to modern shredders while modern 490R and 490T humbuckers exploit all the tonal goodness and resonance churned out by the weht-relieved body.

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Gibson just lifted the tent flap on its new electric guitar offerings and early indications point to 2017 as a banner year for the brand.Gibson News and rumors -

Dating a gibson les paul studio:

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