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From the Colonial era until the early-19th century, builders’ hardware was generally handcrafted from wrought iron (essentially pure iron) by blacksmiths along with fireplace equipment, nails and cooking utensils.

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Cast iron was also the metal of choice for large doors because it was less prone to wear at the joints than steel butts.

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Though cast iron had its drawbacks for working hardware – it was brittle and prone to cracking if twisted or poorly installed – the metal was not only easily mass-produced from molds, but it also readily took on complex shapes, such as the characteristic relief patterns on the leaves or multiple knuckles that shared the load better than lift-off hinges.

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Not only did houses of the 1870s and ’80s often employ massive doors that required heavy hinges to support them, but these doors also often went hand-in-hand with hh, thick baseboards that demanded extra-deep, “wide-throw” hinge leaves – as much as 5 in.Dating of Old Houses - Philip C. Marshall

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