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Ask any expatriate, exchange student, fellow traveler, or even the guy selling strawberries down at the Saturday market, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: Swedish women are confusing, even more so than… I’ve gone on a few dates here, and every time found myself more and more perplexed. They’re well-educated, know exactly what they want in life, and usually speak with an accent that makes us men melt every time we hear it. Allow me to illustrate by sharing my personal experiences. stereotype that Swedish women go crazy for American guys, and let my friends do the rest to inflate my ego to levels perhaps only rivaled by Muhammad Ali or Zlatan Ibrahimovic himself.

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Well, there mht not be anything more confusing than Swedish women. Oh, and did I mention almost all of them look like they should be modeling somewhere? I’ll admit I’ve always been a little nervous courting the opposite sex, probably due to watching – as God is my witness – more romantic comedies than quite possibly any other heterosexual male on earth. I was young, I was in good shape, and I was American: when I arrived in Sweden, the ladies wouldn’t stand a chance.

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Mentioning possibly fictitious boyfriends only makes it crueler! If I’ve learned one thing from my time here, it’s that I don’t know anything.

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A guy whose name I never learned, of whom she and her friends had never spoken, and of whom I didn’t even see any evidence of on . If you want to say “I’m not interested,” then just say it!Swedish Culture & Dating Dating Tips -

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