Dating the age of the universe

Dating Rocks and Fossils Using Geologic Methods Learn.

The history of science is sanitized to nore the great controversies of the past, which were generally ‘won’ by a vote instead of reasoned debate.

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It is no coincidence that Scandinavian scientists led the way in showing that we live in an ELECTRIC UNIVERSE®. The answer may be found in the inertia of prior beliefs and the failure of our educational institutions. We see the universe through the filter of tales we are told in childhood and our education systems reward those who can best repeat them.

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The ELECTRIC UNIVERSE® A sound cosmology.

Yet astronomy is stuck in the gas-lht era, unable to see that stars are simply electric lhts strung along invisible cosmic power lines that are detectable by their magnetic fields and radio noise.

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Our cities are visible from space at nht, blazing with electric lhts.Universe - pedia

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