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Waterbury - Dating Antique Clocks By Their Labels And Trademarks

Many Ansonia clocks are eht-day movements, meaning that they only need to be rewound every eht days.

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Ansonia’s extensive line of clocks included mantel clocks with elaborately painted china cases, beehive shelf clocks, miniature ogee shelf clocks with alarms, shelf clocks with glass domes surrounding the clock’s head, and regulator clocks like the 1886 "General" model, a brass 8-day, weht-driven clock with a cherry case and a dial that counted the seconds.

<strong>Waterbury</strong> - <strong>Dating</strong> Antique <strong>Clocks</strong> By Their Labels And Trademarks

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Phelps supplied brass to Connecticut clock manufacturers until 1851, when he joined forces with two powerful clockmakers, Theodore Terry and Franklin C.

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Terry and Andrews, who had a successful clockmaking business in Bristol, sold half of their business to Phelps in exchange for cheaper brass materials.Antique Waterbury Clocks - Collector Information Collectors Weekly

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