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He’s running into some ‘trouble’ with women’s photos on these dating sites. Just curious how you approach that and if you bust on them in the email, asking things like, ‘That’s not really you, why don’t you send me some real photo’s!

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But not for you after you read this blog post…I had a question about online dating regarding pics that you see from women that you can basiy tell they aren’t real, or when there is only one pic of that profile or the one pic she has is clearly a glamour shot from a studio.

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Online Dating and the Deceptive Art of Attraction.

problem for most guys online (no pun intended lol). )** (boat not included)I’M FLAT-OUT *GIVING* YOU SOME ER WORD-FOR-WORD LINES YOU CAN USEYou can say something like: See how those sound so ANGRY? When you tease her about what she’s done, she’ll feel the need to justify/qualify herself to you, and by doing so, you have the upper hand.

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Deceptive online dating pictures:

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