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Lithuanian State Historical Archives is the main repository of records for the Lithuanian history from the 13th century up to the declaration of the Independence of Lithuania in 1918 (civil registry and vital records up until to ourdays).

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If neither the date of birth nor the date of death of a person is determined, the access shall be limited for a term of 70 years from the creation of the documents.

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The part 5 of the article 20 of Law on Documents and Archives of the Republic of Lithuania determines fixed restrictions on access to the documents which contain information on person’s private life, as well as to structured sets of personal data - 30 years after the person’s death, and in the event of failure to determine the date of death – for a term of 100 years from his birth.

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The documents kept in the Archives comprise 8 large sets: At present the total amount of the items preserved is 1,360 million, or over 17,500 linear metres of shelving space.Mature women dating sites - - Finland Relocation Services

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