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They can be b-time savers and success builders in dating.”Still not convinced? Here's what Simple Texting found: Contrary to popular belief, a whopping 38 percent of men and 44 percent of women are long for long-term relationships on apps. Seven percent had reached between six months and a year with someone they met on an app, 15 percent said had reached longer than a year, and 14 percent said they were engaged or married— so it really does happen, if that's what you're looking for. Well, it happens all over— but the South was definitely the b hitter for engagements, with 16.3 percent of respondents saying that they were engaged or married from an app.

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It's not a guarantee that you'll find a long-term relationship on a dating app.

Is there a <strong>dating</strong> app in India which is used by

Is there a dating app in India which is used by

Although I thought some of the other stats were more interesting— three percent of men looking for a free meal? over 50 percent, but still — over 50 percent of users said they had never had a one-nht stand from a dating app.

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Sure, dating apps aren't perfect, but they do give you the opportunity to be exposed to a bger pool of people."Dating apps have the portability factor, so you can use them while you’re on the bus or waiting for an appointment,” New York–based relationship expert and author April Masini tells Bustle.Why Tinder Is the Perfect Affair App Affair

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