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Early on, the Cusak character was dressed like a GQ ad and was sanding a wooden racing shell.

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I think the rowing was done in a place like Wellesley or Kent, but I couldn't really tell, it didn't look familiar, and IMDB didn't have any rowing locations listed.

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Later there's a scene of him refusing to sell the wherry (I think a company in Florida makes it) to a guy who wants to cut it in half and mount it on the wall.

Is 'Must Love Dogs' available to watch on Netflix in America.

Starring: Diane Lane, John Cusack, Elizabeth Perkins, Dermot Mulroney, Christopher Plummer Director: Gary David Goldberg Year of release: Country: USA Official site (includes the trailer) Bland, generic and showing every sn of having been market-tested to death, Gary David Goldberg's Must Love Dogs, which is based on the novel by Claire Cook, is a slht, pandering romantic fantasy which is propped up only by the work of its cast.Best images about You Must Love Dogs Dating Videos on.

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