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Riders saddle up in memory of much-loved Bradford cyclist Nel.

The Ukip leader – who said he hoped to see a “purple dawn” over Westminster on Friday morning - gave a strong hint that he would not stand again in Parliament if he fails in his bid to be elected on Thursday.

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We have not done polling for a long time, the last we did suggested.” He wrote in his memoir in March that he would quit as party leader if he fails in south Thanet to – a commitment which some senior Ukip officials now regard as a mistake.

Riders saddle up in memory of much-loved Bradford cyclist Nel.

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"All the others will tell you 'please vote for me we are not quite as ghastly as the others' what I would say to you is that we are the one patriotic British party, we believe in Britain, we believe in the British people, we care about immration, defence and all the things that you care about too." His four goals for Ukip on polling day were to be third in the overall vote share; “get a good number” of MPs over the line; win hundreds of council seats; and come second in enough seats to mount a strong challenge at the 2020 election.LoveLoved Dating single Ukrainian beautiful women and hot sexy.

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