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– Vague about themselves but ask a lot of questions about you and your identity. a) Scam phone s Claiming to be a government agency such as FBI (Federal Bureau of Investation), IRS (Internal Revenue Services), Department of Homeland Security, USCIS (U. Citizenship and Immration Services) and even claim to be local law enforcement.

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Key words: money earning opportunity, survey for a b prize, Interesting/helpful hyperlink, and link sent from a friend/acquaintance. c) Online advertisements Craslist selling and buying or earnest deposit for cars, apartments or pets online Key words: money saving, low cost, good deal, act /buy/reserve now. DO—use caution when it comes to personal advertisements or personal transactions, request to see the product before making a payment.

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DON’T—be afraid to say no when facing unreasonable requests.

Kendra Sunderland Video Oregon State ‘Library Girl’ Launches Sugar.

D) In person scams Stranger at the door with a threatening or hoaxing manner normally asking for enrollment or subscription.Oregon State University - Niche

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