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At age 5, Annabeth Chase was abandoned on the beach. But when sparks start to fly between the two, what will happen? Percy and Annabeth liked to keep the more emotional moments of their relationship to themselves.

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In which, Annabeth had several problems, and Percy fixes all of them. That's one thing Annabeth is desperate to change- although she's not altogether sure why. Will she choose between duty and the one she loves most? And what's this talk of a 'Shadow Without a Body' paying Olympus some not-so friendly visits? That all changes when Jacob comes and is set on ruining Percy's life. Percy's soon found by Chaos and joins him as his commander. When he meets his know-it-all nehbor Annabeth Chase, things just get worse for the green eyed delinquent. And every nht, Percy watches her struggle with the memories, unable to provide any sort of of solace.

<em>Percabeth</em> First Date, a percy jackson and the olympians.

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When the secret organization itself is pulled into a sinister plot, both Annabeth and Percy must make a decision.

Percabeth First Date, a percy jackson and the olympians.

For one, Annabeth is the princess of the kingdom of Atheniénne, while Percy is the leader of a gang of bandits who must steal to survive. Follow Annabeth as she goes on a quest to save the goddess of love from her kidnapper and tries to (literally) get Percy out of her mind. And please, don't let him embarrass- Well, too late now. The Percabeth Dating Diaries, a percy jackson and the.

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