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Now that I live on my own I have been using soy milk instead of dairy to avoid problems of milk and meat. This got me thinking that perhaps there is something wrong with this since it so closely resembles actual meat and milk. The issue was first raised in the 1500’s regarding the Rice Dream of their time – almond milk.

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The Talmud discusses an unrelated topic with a similar concern – fish blood.

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Although such products are clearly not true milk and not included in the Torah’s prohibition, perhaps if one Jew would see another consuming it together with meat he would wrongly get the impression that true milk with meat is also permitted – or that his fellow is not a very good Jew.

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The Sages therefore ruled that although fish blood is kosher, one should not consume it by itself because of the onlookers – unless there is some indication of its source, such as if some of the scales are mixed with the blood.Casual Dates - Online Dating, Casual Dating, Free Online Dating.

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