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Vegeta started running, moving further away from Bulma that waved at him. Yamcha didn't seem to suffer the same problems as Vegeta did, because he walked straht up to Bulma and kissed her.

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She shook her head and listened to the silence in the house as she tugged the lamp off and pulled herself under her covers. Even with his door closed, Vegeta's snores could be heard in a couple of meter radius from his room. So did Yamcha's, or it DID, before he moved further down the hall.

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Vegeta shouted in anger and started sprinting towards Bulma, only to be moved further away, until he couldn't see he Worry Worry As Bulma got ready to turn off the lamp at her nhtstand, her eyes flickered to the clock. She sat up in the bed and slipped her feet into her slippers.

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She expected Vegeta to walk away when she started surfing, but he sat still. Vegeta's strategic brain started putting together all sorts of plans, but none of them would fit into the moment."-Geta..." -and threatening her was out of the question, he couldn't lay a hand on her, violently or otherwise."-Egeta..." -What was it anyway, it felt very nice, was it something earth females used as a defense system, rendering their enemies completely at their power...?Vegeta And Bulma Love Son Profil - bulma-and-vegeta-love -.

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