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"Many bills that become law have a hundred or more cosponsors, so bill sponsorship is the meaningful indicator of the member of Congress who had primary influence on determining the content of a bill." According to Congress.gov, Ryan has sponsored 109 pieces of legislation and co-sponsored 1,067. New York Times reporter Jackie Calmes said it was clear from their conversation that Canon was referencing sponsored bills, and the statement’s context in the article reflects that.

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But in a July 9, 2016 New York Times article, the chairman of the University of Wisconsin’s political science department suggested Ryan’s reputation may be overblown. "Paul Ryan is not a detail kind of legislator in terms of putting bills together to pass, and he never has been.

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Jennifer Victor, a professor of political science at George Mason University and an expert on Congress, said while Ryan has only personally sponsored three bills that became law, bill passage is not necessarily a good indicator of effectiveness as a legislator.

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But Ryan’s camp challenged how Canon assessed Ryan’s tenure.Borgelt Powell Peterson & Frauen SC Home

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